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Booksaver is the fastest and easiest way to build your reading list.

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Highlight from anywhere

Highlight and right-click from any website to save a title to Booksaver.

Browse your list

Click the extension icon to see your reading list at any time. Never run out of amazing reads.

Revisit the recommendation

Revisit the thread or website you saved the book from when you forget the context.

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Save from anywhere

Any text string on the web can become a book in your shelf. Never forget a recommendation again.


Remember why you saved it

It's like if a librarian met a bookmarker. Booksaver stores where you saved each book from so you can revisit its context.

Privacy friendly
Works on any website

You're in great company.

See what other readers think about us.

It's so easy to get dragged around by content when browsing... this is super helpful to save books to come back to, and to remember why you saved them in the first place.
JJ Meador - Author
A must-have for anyone who's active in online book communities. I can't believe how much easier it is to save all the books I want to read -- and actually get around to them. It makes browsing for books online fun!
Talia M. - Moderator of Online Book Forum
It's helped me read at least 5 more books this year!
Lily Bump - Book Club Member


How do you make money?

Purchases made through the Booksaver link generate a modest amount of affiliate revenue for Booksaver. If you find the tool useful, it's an easy way to support its development!

Can you see my browsing history?

No! Booksaver is run completely locally on your computer, meaning that there is no profile information stored. You can rest assured that the bookmarks are for your eyes only.

How can we support Booksaver?

It helps to purchase through our link, but there are many other ways to support the app. Reviews are super helpful, as is feedback or feature requests!

Why is my list empty?

Since Booksaver doesn't store any of your data, what probably happened is you recently cleared all your browsing history and cookies.

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